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October Topic:

Stop the Blame/Guilt/Shame Game in Your Relationship

October 19, 2023,  12pm EST


Monthly Workshop Series

Discover how eliminating blame, shame, and guilt can be your path to a brighter future!


In this empowering webinar, we'll show you how shedding these negative emotions can transform your life as a woman in an alcoholic relationship.

🔹 Unleash Your Strength: Learn how to free yourself from the burden of blame and shame, allowing you to regain control over your life.

🔹 Reclaim Your Well-Being: Understand how releasing guilt can empower you to prioritize self-care and make healthier choices.

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Take the Quiz:
Should I Leave My Relationship?

Quick Quiz that will help you see how your relationships scores and if it IS time to take the next step. 

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Access the Download:
27 Gaslighting Phrases that Are Hurting You 

This eye opening information will enlighten you to what seems like "normal" phrases, but actually could be hurting you and often considered as abuse.

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Get the Guide:
6 Stages in an Alcoholic Relationship

Are you curious as to what Stage you may be in your relationship? Find out if you are in the Stages where you need to have a plan.

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