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My Story

I have changed my life to one I love
and I can help you live the life you deserve.

I was married to a kind, funny, generous man who was a great father.  We had two amazing boys (still do), a beautiful home, a successful real estate business, multiple rental properties and a vacation home.


We succeeded in building the American Dream.  But it was not all picture perfect. My ex struggled with his drinking for years.  He worked so hard for all that we achieved but his addiction was always quietly looming in the background. Eventually it reared its ugly head one last time and piece by piece deconstructed all the life we built up together.

It all started innocently enough, we met in our 20’s and socialized like most other people do during that time. We looked forward to the weekends and had perhaps a few too many cocktails on a Friday night.


Then as time went by and we had kids I realized something wasn’t right. He couldn't stop drinking after a few drinks. It seemed easy enough for me. I could stop after a few drinks, why couldn't he?


This realization brought me to therapy, Al-Anon and group counseling. I was looking for outward answers on how I could fix this, fix him, so everything could get better.


What I didn’t know then, was that I had the ability to change my life. I just couldn’t see it then or maybe I wasn’t ready. I was so desperate to hang on to my American dream and my “perfect” family, that I lost sight of who I was, what I wanted out of life and any other dreams for the future. I became so co-dependent and tried to control my partner and everything around us out of fear and desperation.


We eventually separated, but after a while, I realized how much I had lost. I had lost time, my self-worth, my self-esteem, I didn’t know how to love me and I certainly didn't think anyone else would love me either. I had allowed years of chaos to beat me down and I allowed it.


By doing the working and with time, today I know that I am 100% lovable, worthy and can create the life that I want on my terms.  I have an amazing partner who loves me unconditionally. I have an incredible life coaching business that is helping hundreds of women understand that they too can live an amazing life no matter what their loved one does.


I want you to know that I understand, you are not alone.  Don’t let years go by hoping things will change. You can change your life today. YOU CAN HAVE AND DESERVE AN INCREDIBLE LIFE. I can show you how.

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