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From Surviving to Thriving: Real Women, Real Change

It all begins with believing you can do it too.

What other Successful Women are saying...

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If you want to take the first step in creating more stability in your relationship then make sure you download the
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"I am now more comfortable in my own skin and less fearful of setting healthy and appropriate boundaries.  I am now making decisions that are good for me, instead of sacrificing myself, my finances, and my overall well being to ensure he is making it. 

I have a clarity and sense of calm I never thought I could achieve in this circumstance.  I have broached conversations with friends  freeing myself of the duty of keeping it all together and keeping this secret".  

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Jennifer M.

" I liked the idea of talking with someone who lived this life with an alcoholic…. Who KNEW what I was saying and feeling…. Someone who can relate and be able to finish my sentences because they experienced the exact same thing.  Deanna showed me that life really does go on- I was never alone, and she helped me regain my self worth.  Thank you so much Deanna!  


Tara F.

"Deanna is a warrior for women.  I appreciate the fact that she helps me identify my own mind rather than giving advice.  She helped me change my life by uncovering beliefs I had from as early as my childhood that prevented me from moving forward in life.  She helped me recognize why I kept sabotaging myself.  I am so thankful for her expertise!

If you are considering hiring Deanna, take a chance on yourself.  You are your best advocate and she can help you find answers to make your life sweeter!"


Corinne G.

"I hired Deanna because I was looking for something more than what I was getting from my regular therapy sessions. I was looking for someone more relatable who had some life experiences that were similar to mine. 


While working with Deanna my life changed in the sense that I began to recognize patterns that I couldn’t see before or tried not to see. She helped me face the thoughts I was scared to face and challenge them head on. I no longer rely on someone else to dictate my happiness. I have started to get the old, independent me back and it feels so good!"


Nicole S.

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Sophie S.

I wanted help for my relationship with my alcoholic husband, Deanna’s coaching was the only resource I could find that focused on my specific problems. Al-Anon - though was helpful, was too general.  My life was changed forever. I became a stronger person and got more clear of what I wanted for myself. Deanna helped me search for my inner voice and analyzed the dynamics of my relationship. I felt understood, supported and have found more peace in mind. I really like that Deanna pushes me to figure out the causes of my problems. If you are struggling with your alcoholic relationship, you are in the right spot. I think Deanna offers more perspectives with her experiences that help us to see things more holistically.

Karen B.

Sharing and talking out your struggles with someone who’s been there is refreshing and can provide clarity on what steps we need to take. I went to several counselors, AA and Al-Anon; but Deanna was that person who listened with non-judgmental understanding and made me see for myself what steps I needed to gain peace in my life. There are no words for the serenity that I’ve been able to find in my life thanks to  Deanna who’s been there, done that.

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