Have you been thinking about leaving your alcoholic relationship but are still undecided?

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Session to F.R.E.E. Yourself

A 45 minute call that has a 4 Step Process that helps you examine your fears and overcomes the obstacles that occur while deciding if you want to leave your alcoholic relationship.

F- Figure out your Obstacle

This is an opportunity to start investigating what would happen if you choose to leave your relationship or what would need to happen if you stayed.

R- Reveal your Fears

You will uncover your fears about staying in or leaving the partnership

E- Evaluate your Concerns

You will analyze these concerns in depth and uncover ways you can overcome the obstacles..

E- Explore your Options

You will finally explore your options knowing the major obstacles you will need to consider if you choose to leave your relationship.

This is a safe space for you to speak freely about your concerns of continuing life in your alcoholic relationship. It is sales-free, no obligation call.  You will be asked to complete a brief survey 1 day after the session.

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