Are You in an Alcoholic Relationship
and Feel Like It's Time to
Make a Change?

I help successful women who feel tired and conflicted in their alcoholic relationship decide if this relationship is keeping them from the future happiness and "normal life" they desire.

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"I wanted help for my relationship with my alcoholic husband, Deanna’s coaching was the only resource I could find that focused on my specific problems."

                                              -Sophie S.- Digital Programmer

Have you ever thought..."If I am so smart, how did I end up in this relationship?"

Does this Sound Familiar?

You are furious that he keeps choosing alcohol over you and the family.

You are tired of listening to and pretending to believe all his LIES!

You are making the money, managing the house and taking care of the children on your own.

You are tired of the loneliness and miss feeling love and affection.

You wonder how you can create procedures at work and can't manage to create boundaries at home.

You are not sleeping and your performance at work is not up to the level you expect from yourself.

You have been waiting for him to finally recognize all that's at stake emotionally and financially if you were to seperate yet realize now that he doesn't care.

You are worried about how his behavior is affecting the children.

You have been deceived so often that you no longer trust him anymore.

You suspect his drinking is prompting other unacceptable behaviors such as overspending or adultery.

You don't understand why you stay in this relationship, you don't need him, but you do love him.

You are heartbroken because you never thought your life partner would EVER treat you this way.

You are tired of trying to "fix" or "solve" the problem. This problem has taken a toll on your work, mental and physical health.

Take Your Power Back!
Be as Successful in your Relationship as you are in your Career.
Find your powerful voice and start managing this relationship
so you reach the personal goals you want in  your Life  

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"I just wanted to thank you again for everything you've done for me.

You made me see the power that I have, and the ability to be okay with whatever happened.  And I have you to thank for that."

                                                 - Bonnie M.-Occupational Therapist

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