Life Coaching for
Partners of Alcoholics

I help women who feel stuck, alone and exhausted in their alcoholic relationship make changes in their life so they feel happier and create the peace they desire even if their partner doesn't change.


The sadness, confusion and frustration you feel right now will go away.
I promise you.

Is This You?

You feel rejected because they keep choosing alcohol over you and the family.

You are tired of all the LIES and GASLIGHTING!

You know you want to make a change, but you feel to weak to leave or too tired to fight?

You feel stuck because of finances or health issues but you need to learn ways so life is more bearable when he is drinking.

You stay but the loneliness hurts and you miss feeling love and affection from your partner.

You don't know how much longer you can deal with the mood changes.  You feel like you are walking on eggshells!

You haven't left because you are waiting for him to finally change so you can have your best friend and family back.

You feel shattered by all the mental and verbal abuse.

You have been deceived so often that you no longer trust them anymore.

You have fear of the unknown and have doubt you could make a change on your own.

You don't want to give up and you want to "fix" the problem.

You think you are broken and no one else would ever love you.

 It's time to TAKE ACTION.
If you don't learn a new process-alcoholism will leave you feeling broken, helpless, alone and always worried about what is coming next.
If you are tired of feeling anxious and exhausted,  let me help
you make the changes you need to feel happier in your life, 

without worry or regret.
Let's figure this out.  Together.

"I just wanted to thank you again for everything you've done for me.

You made me see the power that I have, and the ability to be okay with whatever happened.  And I have you to thank for that."

- Bonnie M.

Hello, I'm Deanna

When I was first married to my husband, I had no idea that he had a drinking problem.  Once he started drinking there was no limit. He would lash out with lies or call me names. I loved him and I wanted to keep my family together, but the drinking was killing our relationship.

What I finally learned was that I could not help him.  He had to decide how to live his life and what I needed to learn was to how to live my life regardless of what he chose.

And that's when I took my life back. I learned the tools required to live with an alcoholic.  I started loving me again and I became happier and healthier. 

Eventually, the alcoholic behavior struck its final blow to our family and we divorced.  But what I learned in that 20 year relationship was to how to be ME again with or without him. I learned to be independent in my life while we were still together, which helped me when we were no longer a couple.

It doesn't matter what you decide about your relationship.  It's about choosing a life that suits YOU, a life that you will be happy in and one with NO REGRETS.

That's my wish for you.


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