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Support  for
Women in
Alcoholic Relationships

I help successful women dealing with difficulties in their alcoholic relationships to gain clarity, feel confident, and take charge of the future direction of their relationships without any uncertainty.

Loving an Alcoholic is Hard

And more than anything you just want to be happy and build a loving life together.

Instead you feel like the only

adult in the relationship...

You want them to stop drinking and hurting themselves.

You want them to choose you and the family over alcohol.


You want them to be more involved in the life you built.

You want them to contribute more toward finances.

You want them to be the parent and partner you know they can be.

But they don't do any of these things.

And you are fed up, frustrated and tired.

You think...will you EVER be happy with someone who is so detached and unwilling to change?

You don't have to go it alone anymore.

I can help.

Nothing is more painful than asking the person that you love to choose you and the family over alcohol and they don't...

Calm Lake

Hi, I'm Deanna 

Certified Life Coach

I want your life to be filled with happiness and love and if you want that too, let's talk.

I understand the pain of being in an alcoholic relationship.


I was married to one for nearly two decades, trying everything to salvage what we had.

I felt the same emotions you're feeling now: embarrassment, shame, humiliation. Living with an alcoholic left me beaten down.

But within me, there was always a knowing that there was a better life waiting for me. I sought help, starting with Al-Anon and therapy, and slowly my life began to change.

I learned to set boundaries, to stand up against lies, and I found my voice, building my confidence over time.

When faced with the toughest decision, I chose my children and myself – the best and hardest choice I've ever made.

During that time I realized the lack of resources for women in alcoholic relationships.

I searched for someone who could understand without judgment, who knew the challenges of living with an alcoholic – someone to believe in me when I couldn't.

If I had found this type of support earlier, I might have seen what was holding me back. I would have saved myself years of heartache by making a decision sooner.

I knew back then that in the future I would provide another avenue of support to women struggling in their alcoholic relationship. That is the reason I am certified Life Coach today.

Just like you, I longed for happiness and to live my dreams. And now, I've found it – a new career, a wonderful partner, a life I couldn't have imagined before.

I want the same for you – to discover love, peace, and the happiness that's within your reach too.


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Let's Take Care of You!

Caring for yourself while in a relationship with an alcoholic is VITAL.

You're juggling everything – bills, kids, work – and dealing with a partner's excessive drinking that adds more pressure

Rarely do you get moments for yourself, a way to escape the chaos and recharge.

In our hour call, you'll get a clear action plan to prioritize your well-being, family, and tasks, regardless of your partner's behavior

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