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What if it was possible to feel better
in your relationship?

Life's too Short to Be Unhappy.

It's easy for loved ones to tell you to leave your alcoholic partner.  They are well meaning and just want you to be happy. What they don't understand it's not entirely about the drinking, it's about giving up every hope and dream you had for this relationship.

-Deanna Marie

It Shouldn't Be So Hard


It doesn't seem like a lot to ask...

you want to be loved and respected

in your relationship.

Instead you are left feeling, unsupported, neglected and taken advantage of.

Alcohol is killing the dreams you had

for your future.

You have tried to keep it all together.

  • You have tried to keep this marriage afloat. 

  • You have tried to get help from books and therapy.

  • You have begged him to provide much needed financial and emotional support.

  • You have expressed how much you want a partner in this relationship.

 And nothing changes.


  • You are still the one doing everything. 

  • You are still working long hours.

  • You are still paying all the bills.

  • You are still managing the children's schedule and even tending to the household! 

He continues to do his own thing and doesn't

seem to hear you.

You have no idea how it got so off track.

You are a smart, successful woman, but find you keep asking yourself...


"Why do I continue to Stay?"


I have your answer.


 You love this person. You dreamed of a future with this person. You see the good in this person. So there is a part of you that is hoping for a miracle that they will finally come to their senses and see the damage they are creating.

But they don't.

You feel hurt, disappointed and lost.

With you, your partner and your life.

If there was a way you could figure out the best way to move forward, ensuring your decision aligns with what you desire, would you try it?

It is possible and it all starts by

putting yourself first and booking a call.


How would it feel if you didn't have to worry about them and just started working on your happiness?

And it's not as hard as you may think...

If you want to start feeling better in your relationship,
schedule a call below.

Schedule a Call

Click the link here to schedule your free call, pick the time that works for you, fill out a brief intake form and get your questions ready for your call.

Tell it All

During our call we will discuss where you are at currently in your marriage and then figure out what you want for your marriage.

Make a Plan

Now that we know what you want, we will create a step by step plan that will eliminate confusion and maintain focus to get you where you want to go . 

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