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Blurry Lights

Life is too Short to not be Happy

Want to learn how YOU can feel better, get more done and still thrive in your career even if they NEVER decide to quit drinking?

There is a way...

I went to Al-Anon and therapy when I didn't know what else to do in my relationship. They were both initially helpful, but I wanted something more. I wanted a program with more 1:1 support.  Someone who understood what I was going through and could offer some insight on how to handle life with an alcoholic.  I was looking for some guidance and direction. I never found that program, which is why I created a program that is solely for partners and loved ones of alcoholics.

-Deanna Marie

It Shouldn't Be So Hard


It doesn't seem like a lot to ask...

you want to be loved and respected in your relationship.

Instead you are left feeling, unsupported, neglected and taken advantage of.

Alcohol is killing your relationship, family and now career.

Because you are so tired balancing both...

You have tried to keep it all together.

You have tried to keep this marriage afloat, you want the kids to have both parents intact, you have tried to find the answers  in books and therapy. You have begged him to provide much needed financial and emotional support. You have expressed how much you want a partner in this relationship.

 And nothing changes.


You are still the primary breadwinner, working long hours, paying all the bills, managing the children's schedule and even mowing the freakin lawn!

He continues to do his own thing and doesn't

seem to hear you.

You have no idea how it got so off track.

You are a smart, successful woman, but find you keep asking yourself...


"If I don't need him and I do everything,

 why do I continue to put up with it?"


I have your answer.


You've been emotionally and mentally beaten down in your relationship, so much so that you no longer have the confidence and clarity at night that you exude during the day.

You feel confused, overwhelmed and lost.

With you, your partner and your life.

If there was a way you could navigate

your relationship more effectively

so you felt calmer and more confident

both day and night, would you try it?

It is possible and it all starts by

taking care of you first.


How would it feel if you didn't have to worry about them and just started working on your happiness?

And it's not as hard as you may think...


Digital Reading

Be F.R.E.E

A life-changing coaching program designed exclusively for Women in Alcoholic Relationships. Break free from the cycle of confusion and exhaustion. BeFree equips you with the tools to balance your personal and professional life, empowering you to handle everything with clarity, calmness, and reduced stress, allowing you to be your best self, day and night.

 In the
Be F.R.E.E.  
Program you will learn ...

How to create happiness in your life.

How to learn to put yourself first.

How to build respect in your relationship.

How to clearly communicate with your partner.

How to behave toward your partner when they lie or gaslight you.

How to create boundaries that facilitate love and respect.

How to follow through on boundaries, so your partner takes notice!

How to overcome fear and doubt and build certainty and safety.

How to create self trust to stay true to your values.

How to create the confidence and become an equal to your partner.

How to love yourself and be there for yourself.

How to start pursuing what you want without guilt.

How to renew connections with those that you love.

How to believe in your ability to make changes in your life.

How to change your beliefs about the possibilities in your future.

Finally creating the Life You Want.

The benefits..

Be F.R.E.E.  Program

A customized 12 week one-to-one coaching program in a judgement free environment. 


50 minute weekly coaching sessions on Zoom


24/7 texting or voicemail access for further coaching between sessions using the Voxer app.

The Facts of Love Journal to help you get a better understanding of what is happening in your relationship.

Weekly worksheets to help expedite change.


Invitation to the Be F.R.E.E. Private Facebook Group with monthly live trainings.

Access to live workshops for supplemental training and support from others living in an alcoholic relationship.

The cost for transforming your life from Chaos to Calm is $800/mo or a discounted $2200 if paid in full.

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