You Love A
High Functioning Alcoholic.

Are you tired of living in an environment where you feel unappreciated and unloved?

Are you tired of hearing that it's "his" money and you don't contribute in any way?

Are you tired of playing the role of happy devoted wife when the reality is life is far less than happy?

Are you sick of him being  Mr. Personality with family and friends then Mr. Manipulator behind closed doors?

Are you emotionally exhausted due to the constant lies and gaslighting and want some simple honesty?

Are you fed up with the facade of him being the "go to guy" at work only to be the disconnected family man at home?

Or, are you just fed up of living a lie? 

I went to Al-Anon and therapy when I felt stuck in my relationship. They were both initially helpful, but I wanted something more. I wanted a program with more 1:1 support.  One person just for me. Someone who really knew me and was accessible to me when things got bad.  I didn't find that program. Which is why I created this program. A program created because of you, JUST FOR YOU.

-Deanna Marie

In My Program...

  • In my 6 month program you will transform from feeling hopeless and exhausted to a strong and confident independent woman.  A woman who knows what she want from her life!

  • You will regain control in your relationship and redirect it so it moves in the direction you want from your life.

  • You will learn what actions to take so that your partner recognizes that you mean what say!  

  • You will receive the tools you need to manage the lies, the gaslighting, the distrust, the disrespect with your alcoholic whether you stay in or get out of the relationship.

  • You will rebuild your self-confidence, self-trust and self-worth so you make the best decisions for you and your future.​ 

  • You will work through the worry and doubt of staying in this relationship and the fear of the unknown if you choose to leave the relationship.

  • You will get guidance on how to handle your children, your family and friends if you choose to make changes in your relationship. 

  • You will reduce your anxiety and confusion and start feeling calm and focused because you are making decisions based on a well thought out plan where you have considered all your options and not what you think others expect or want you to do.

  • You will create the happiness you want from your life which will radiate through your children, your work and life.

  • You will get an advocate who will walk with you through this transition who will be available to you at all times.

  • You will have the support and understanding you need because I LIVED IT!​

  • And most importantly....                                                                                    YOU WILL FEEL HAPPIER AND MORE IN CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE!

Sign up now for a free  consultation call that will change the direction of your life.  

It's only one conversation about you and your life.  My guess is that you having been deciding what do in your relationship for months or maybe (like me) years. ​

So why not Book Now?

It's time to do something different.

Something just for you.

Imagine what it would feel like if you are...

  • Confident in your ability to make strong decisions on your own.

  •  Free to live a independent life you love without feeling anxious or worried about your spouses behavior.

  • Rested and no longer concerned about your energy at work or with the kids.

  • No longer living in worry, fear and stress.

  • Able to start pursuing, the job, the degree or travel without guilt.

  • Building your own emotional and financial wealth.

  • Secure because you know you can be completely satisfied with or without them.

  • Creating a happier more fulfilling life.

  • No longer stuck with less than what you want from your life.

  • Prepared to handle yourself no matter what life throws your way.

  • Genuinely loving life again, on your own terms.

  • Finally getting the PEACE you deserve!!