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What Clients are Saying...

Sophie S.

I wanted help for my relationship with my alcoholic husband, Deanna’s coaching was the only resource I could find that focused on my specific problems. Al-Anon - though was helpful, was too general. After the initial meeting with Deanna, I hired her because she was very patient and I felt I could trust her. My life was changed forever. I became a stronger person and got more clear of what I wanted for myself. Deanna helped me search for my inner voice and analyzed the dynamics of my relationship. I felt understood, supported and have found more peace in mind. I really like that Deanna is always a patient listener and pushes me to figure out the causes of my problems. I also like that I can be completely honest with Deanna and she would be understanding of everything.  If you are struggling with your alcoholic relationship, you are in the right spot. I think Deanna offers more perspectives with her experiences that help us to see things more holistically.

Karen B.

Sharing and talking out your struggles with someone who’s been there is refreshing and can provide clarity on what steps we need to take. I went to several counselors, AA and Al-Anon; but Deanna was that person who listened with non-judgmental understanding and made me see for myself what steps I needed to gain peace in my life. There are no words for the serenity that I’ve been able to find in my life thanks to  Deanna who’s been there, done that.

Tara F.

I was in a very scared, insecure place when my husband left us all.  I didn’t think I could do anything without him (that’s how he made me feel for so many years….. that I was “nothing” without him).  I would cry ALL the time and the fear in me became too much.  I liked the idea of talking with someone who lived this life with an alcoholic…. Who KNEW what I was saying and feeling…. Someone who can relate and be able to finish my sentences because they experienced the exact same thing.  Deanna showed me that life really does go on- I was never alone, and she helped me regain my self worth.  Thank you so much Deanna!  


Melanie M.

I've been married for almost 30 years to a man who is an alcoholic and had treated me with severe emotional neglect and abuse the entire marriage and even through my battle with breast cancer, and yet I still couldn't make a decision about leaving him and didn't even know where to start. Deanna helped me to sort through all the mixed feelings; my fear, sorrow, confusion, pain and anger, and helped me come to a decision that I feel really good about. She walked me through creating personal boundaries where I didn't have any before and begin to speak up for myself, authentically and powerfully. My life is forever changed for the better having worked with Deanna!

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Bonnie M.

I just wanted to thank you again for everything you've done for me. You made me see the power that I have, and the ability to be okay with whatever happened.  And I have you to thank for that. The strategies that we talked about have been So helpful. You are so good at what you do. You are a blessing to women who are struggling with this horrible problem. Love you. 

Dawna K.

Deanna is an amazing Coach, she is caring, compassionate and creates a safe space to grow. Deanna gave me actions steps that were realistic and extremely doable. If I felt discouraged she gently guided me to where I needed to be. I HIGHLY recommend working with Deanna, she is truly an incredible (and knowledgeable) coach. Thank you! 

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