I will show you how I went from a 
Confused Wife to a Confident Woman

by doing the following... 



  • Stopped taking the blame for his drinking.

  • Stopped making excuses for him and myself.

  • No longer accepted or believed his verbal abuse.

  • No longer accepted his lies.

  • Stopped co-dependent behavior.

  • Set boundaries for unacceptable behavior.

  • Stopped trying to control his behavior.

  • Overcame my fear and self doubt.

  • Or, when I was still fearful, I did it anyway.

  • Took time for self-care.

  • Sought out support of others.

  • Changed the way I felt about me.

  • Rebuilt my self-esteem.

  • Rebuilt my self-confidence.

  • Rebuilt my self-trust.

  • Had my own back when others questioned me.

  • Attracted positive people who supported me.

  • Severed ties from negative people or situations. 

  • Firmly believed in why I was making changes.

  • Set goals for my future.

  • Took massive action toward the life I wanted.

  • Learned to love myself.

  • Stayed strong and resilient even on the tough days.

  • Believed I deserved better.

  • Ultimately, got the LIFE I DESERVED!

 During this 6 month program you will create more confidence in you, decide what you want in your relationship and take steps toward the future you desire.

What's Included in the Program: 


6 Months of Weekly Coaching


Personalized 1:1 Sessions for 50 Minutes


Texting Access for Coaching between calls for Extra Help


Access to Private Facebook Group for Peer Support

The investment in you to change the direction of your life is $3000 paid in full or $600 per month.